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Walk-in constant temperature and humidity / high and low temperature / burn-room
Used in the defense industry, aerospace industry, automation and automotive components
Components, electronic parts, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical industries and phase
Related products heat and cold tested for the industry to provide large-scale zero
Pieces, semi-finished and finished products of the large temperature and humidity testing environment of space,
Suitable for testing of products, large volume of test equipment
1. Large-scale environmental laboratory industry can provide large parts of semi-finished and finished products for testing temperature and humidity environment, mainly by the control panel, distribution boards, power distribution disk, the thermal insulation boards, air supply plates, heaters, humidifiers, formed from freezer .
2. The color combination plate unit, which pits can be arbitrarily enlarged, easy accessibility, follow the needs of customers with expanded size and design of the plant relocation.
3. A multi-wing centrifugal air supply means the level of vertical proliferation of heat exchange circulatory system, to avoid any dead ends so that the indoor temperature and humidity evenly distributed.
4 freezer compressor imported by European and American original, and the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants, refrigeration system uses low-temperature dual-loop system design, and temperature in different jurisdictions use different compressors for power to Se equipment life.
5. Control System option by the RS-232 interface with the computer connection, users can design programs on the computer screen, records and test data collection, call the implementation of programs, remote switching machines, and other functions.
6. Abnormal situation occurs when the controller on the screen immediately displayed automatically fault, and cut off the power switch and provide troubleshooting.
7. A function of timing marks of contact, can operate in the course of external output control contact, provide users with a dynamic test and computer monitor.
8. The material used stainless steel plate and the United States and paint-resistant steel materials, structure strong, waterproof and handsome.
Model specifications and the main technical parameters
Name a walk-room walk-in constant temperature and humidity level of greenhouse burn-room
Model LTH-() P (S) - (A, B, C, D) LCT-() P (S) - (A, B, C, D) LRT-() P (S)
Key Features P representative may Procedure (touch-screen control), S-type on behalf of Standard (microcomputer digital control)
Temperature range of -60 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ A: 0 ℃ B: -2 ℃ C: -40 ℃ D: -60 ℃ RT +10 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Humidity of 30 ~ 95% RH
P-control precision ± 0.5 ℃ ± 3% RH S-± 1 ℃ ± 5% RH P-± 0.5 ℃ S-± 1 ℃
Resolution P-0.01 ℃ 0.1% RH S-0.1 ℃ 1% RH P-0.01 ℃ S-0.1 ℃
Warming up for about 60 min
Cooling time A: 90 min B: 120 min C: 180 min D: 210 min
Leakage and safety devices for the protection of the load, the load compressor protection, overheating protection, emergency power devices
Power AC3 ¢ 380 V 50HZ









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