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plastic combustion testing machine
plastic combustion testing machine
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Plastic combustion testing machine
The combustion testing machine is installed in accordance with UL94, GB5169, GB4943GB/T2408-1996 and IEC standards.
The combustion testing machine used in the plastic or film provisions
Directly under the fire of burning plastic is not burning performance. To
Fire-resistant plastic judgement grade (HB-class, V-class, VMT level),
The device is accurate and automatic timing, simple operation,
It advantages.
Features and the main technical parameters;
From the control box, burning me, burning lights, electromagnetic valve, high-pressure ignition, plastic goods test fixture, gas pipes and signal the line of control components.
Chamber: 800 X580X1020 (0.5m3)
Gas: The high-grade liquefied petroleum gas or heat value of gas for 37 MJ/m3
Standard sample Specifications: length 125 mm, width 13 mm, 3 <thickness of <13 mm (or in accordance with the standard test)
Four timer: Spitfire preset time, the extension of burning time, stop burning time, burning residual time
Nozzle diameter: 0.375 inches (9.5 mm), length of 100 mm.
The level of combustion angle: 45 degrees, vertical combustion angle: 90 degrees
Note: combustion test will have a lot of harmful gases, will be required to outdoor gas emissions (with the best environmental protection measures, a separate configuration)









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